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Correct those squeaks!


Front door making unpleasant sounds as you’re arriving at or leaving your place of residence? Entrances welcome you to your home or wave you on your way, so when they sound sad sound, you’ll be sad too. So oil the hinge and get the positivity back! You can also try lubricating all internal doors, although the entrance should be your first priority.


Which entrance to use


Many people get into their homes through a back gate or garage. While practical, this restricts positivity and opportunity, because the front door is the most direct and effective way for good “chi” to reach you. So is there a simple solution? Just use the main entrance weekly or more frequently. If you can manage more than that, you will experience even more benefit! Why not use the main entrance when you pick up your post, or when you go out for a walk? Make it part of your everyday life.


Best place for a water feature


In the Chinese tradition, water symbolizes money. For this reason, water features are very popular. However, many people are not sure where to put them. According to ancient Chinese knowledge, water features near the front door help positive energy. So this is an ideal option, just make sure the water flows toward the center of your house to allow the good energy to flourish.


Using plants with kitchen cabinets


Take a look at your kitchen cabinets and make sure they are not too close to the ceiling. It is good Feng Shui if the top cabinets go right up to the ceiling so that there is no room for dust or stale energy. Any “chi” stuck there will die, and the bad energy this creates will stop good things happening to you. If there is a gap, you can use Feng Shui to counteract the effect. Use lights, decorative plants, or some of your treasured keepsakes to transform the energy in this space.


Do not leave the bathroom door open


As water is associated with wealth, many people worry about how the water which flows from their bathrooms will affect their prosperity. It is known that the water re-enters when emptied, but it is still advisable to keep the lid of the toilet seat and bathroom door closed in order to reduce any adverse effects.


Clearing the spaces you inhabit

Finally, make sure you remember to conduct a proper clearing of your home regularly. Those that inhabit our homes, workplaces, or whichever spaces we spend time in, before us leave behind traces of their energy. For this reason, carrying out a clearing is essential if positive and fresh “chi” is to be able to develop and thrive.

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