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How to Clean Your Home Fast


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With the benefit of experience picked up in during summer months as a home cleaner, or maid, here are some tips to get an average sized house cleaned from top to bottom in less than an hour.

It takes determination, focus, and hard work! Keep moving and don’t check your phone or get distracted by old magazines you come across while tidying up. Do the steps stated on this guide and you’ll be able to clean your home fast.

The Top should be First

This applies to every room you clean. Clean from the top so that dust and grime from ceilings and walls fall to the floor first – it’ll be easier to clean if they’re on the floor anyway.

Start with dusting ceiling fittings and fans, then wipe dust off the furniture. Clean the floors last.

Several minutes spent on each Bedroom

Strip the bed linen and then remake the bed for each room. You only need to use one hand to lift the mattress while you’re using your other hand for tucking in the bed sheet or linen.

Make sure the clutter is all cleared up – it can be stored temporarily out of sight, in a spare bin or basket, if time is short.

Wipe down your furniture with the use of a microfiber cloth and a dusting spray. Do it in a top to bottom direction.

A few minutes spent on the Bathroom

Cleaning all the bathrooms in one go is more efficient. Clear the counters then proceed to spraying all surfaces including the bath tubs with bathroom cleaner. Allow the spray to sit and work while cleaning toilets and polishing the outer toilet surfaces.

Return to cleaning the counters and rinsing the tubs. Don’t forget to clean the mirrors, too.

Broom and dustpan

Spend a few minutes cleaning the Living and Dining Rooms

Again make sure all surfaces are clutter free for easier dusting.

If you have ceiling fans and blinds, dust these first.

Vacuum floors and furniture with the right type of vacuum.

12 minutes of cleaning time for the Kitchen

Load up all the dirty utensils and dishes in your dishwasher. Soapy, warm water should also be used to fill the sink. If stove top burners need to be cleaned, remove these and place in the water.

Don’t forget to wipe off dust and dirt from kitchen appliances.

Do floor cleaning last.

Steam mops and hardwood floor cleaners are a recommended investment for speedy cleaning. They clean hard surfaces much quicker than traditional mops.


Floors in the Whole House for 15 minutes of Cleaning

Vacuum, don’t sweep floors. Use attachments to get into the corners – notice a lot of dust and pet fur accumulating in corners. These tools prevent dust flying into the air and settling down quickly which is one of the top causes of allergies.

Work backwards from the far corner when vacuuming, moving quickly and without much overlap.

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